4 Questions to Help you Build a More Effective Brand

4 Questions to Help you Build a More Effective Brand

How strong is your brand? It may be hard to take a step back and view your brand from the customer's perspective. But in order to see if your brand is effective and resonates well with the customer, it’s a must. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few questions to help you decide if your brand is effective or if it may need some repairing. 

#1 Are you trying new things on social media with no results?

A good social strategy is a must when you decide to incorporate social media into your brand's overall plan. Staying consistent with multiple posts per week, actively engaging with users, and posting high-quality images and content are all important in a solid organic strategy. In addition to a good organic strategy, you’ll also need a good ad strategy. Social media ads help bring users back to your page. In turn, this helps more people see your content, interact with posts, and like/follow your page helping you see better results. 

#2 Do you have a shiny new website with no traffic?

You might think that a new website will solve all of your brand’s problems. While it is certainly helpful to have a nice-looking website, gaining traffic is also important. If you’re receiving zero traffic toward your website, your brand could benefit from some marketing help. Do you have ads set up on Google or Facebook? What about updated listing sites or an accurate Google My Business page? Along with these, incorporating things like bi-weekly or monthly blog posts will help with SEO and can also bring in some more users to your website. Driving traffic to your website is an absolute must to ensure your brand is effective in the market. 

#3 Do you know your ideal customer?

Remember - your brand is not for you. Your brand is for your ideal customer. If you don’t know who that is or who you’re trying to speak to, chances are your brand is not all that effective in the market. It all starts with knowing your ideal customer. One of the first steps we take in the branding process is discussing who that customer is, what they’re like, what they’re interested in, qualities they have, and any other general information that is deemed important. Once you’re able to figure out who your ideal customer is, your brand will be well on its way to becoming more effective. 

#4 Is it clear to the average customer what your brand is about?

At Brand3, we’re all about clarity. For your brand to be effective, you must make it clear to the average customer what your brand is about. You should make it clear who you are, what you do, or what you can do for customers within the first few seconds of someone scrolling through your website. Users don’t want to have to “dig” for information to find out what you can do for them, it should be clearly stated. When too much time is spent searching for information, users will often move on to the next brand in their research. Make it clear what your brand is about right away. 

How well did you answer these questions? If your results were underwhelming, it may be time to revisit your branding strategy and get some help from the branding professionals. We’re here to help! Visit our contact form below to set up a call with us today.