Hana Pugh

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The Power of Gratitude in Marketing

As we move into November and start preparing for the holidays, many of us are focusing on gratitude…

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August is National Wellness Month

When many people hear the term “workplace wellness,” the first things that come to mind are gyms in…

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Solving In-person Events Post Pandemic - How Hybrid Events Can Help

With capacity restrictions lifted in most states, Brand3 and many of our clients have begun hosting…

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Why Brand Authenticity Matters

Because of the internet, customers are armed with more knowledge than ever before making purchases.…

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Is Your Company Ready for a Rebrand?

Clients come to Brand3 with a problem: sale goals are not being reached, their website and visuals…

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Managing Your Brand Through a Crisis

A few weeks ago, our team members traveled to a client to conduct a site visit. That same weekend,…

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